,,Maramureș Heritage Trail”

,,MARAMUREȘ HERITAGE TRAIL” – trademark – represents the first greenway trail in the County of Maramureș that is waiting for various types of tourists to enjoy it: bikers, photographers, hikers, tourists that enjoy recreational outdoor activities.

Maramureș Greenway interconnects:

  • 2 NATURA 2000 sites: Igniș and Gutâi-Creasta Cocoșului;
  • 7 protected areas: Rooster’s Crest Reserve, Crăiasca Forest, Morărenilor Lake, Hoteni Raised Bog, Iezerul Mare Peat Bog, Tătarului Keys, Poiana Brazilor marsh;
  • 7 villages that are very characteristic for the specific Maramureș culture of Gutâi Mountains and Mara River Valley: Ocna Şugatag, Budeşti, Breb, Hoteni, Hărniceşti, Deseşti and Mara.

Length of the trail: 88 km, out of which 53, 7 % are forest roads, 9, 3 % are countryside roads, and 37 % are asphalt roads.

Connections with nearby towns:

Baia Mare, 45 km distance on national road DN 18 Sighetu Marmației, 15 km distance on county road DJ 184

Options for using of public transport: buses and minibuses residing in Baia Mare or Sighetu Marmației.



  • Greenways are multifunctional trails for non-motorized users, that usually connect communities, local initiatives, valuable natural and cultural areas, thus promoting a clean environment and a healthy lifestyle;
  • Greenways provide a framework for community-based initiatives and projects related to nature conservation, cultural heritage preservation, sustainable tourism;
  • Greenways seek to address needs of locals and visitors and to provide a positive contribution to the local economy.


Touristic objectives

7 protected areas:

Rooster’s Crest Nature Reserve

Nature monument, Rooster’s Crest represents one of the most spectacular andesitic formations, part of a volcanic crater that erupted 9 million years ago.


Morărenilor Lake Nature Reserve

Located below Rooster;s Crest at an altitude of 882 m, the reserve has a surface of 20 ha. the lake, still in an initial phase of sphagnum formation, is a rare habitat in Romania ...


Hoteni Raised Bog – local interest reserve

The natural complex consists of one oligotrophic swamp and the 3 eutrophic lakes with specific plant and animal species of tremendous scientific importance. The peat strata floating on the 4 m deep water represents a perfect living environment for carnivore plants ...


Crăiască Forest Reserve

Pădurea Crăiască (Crăiască Forest) – forest reserve having a surface of 44 ha. The vegetation characteristic for this forest is represented by old species of: Larch - Larix deciduas and Durmast Oak - Quercus petraea (100-140 years old). The seed reservation ...


Tătarului Gorge

Tătarului Gorge has a unique genesis as they were chopped by the fast running waters of Brazilor Valley that collapse over the rocky steep faces of volcanic andesitic cliffs. The old growth spruce forest located ...


Poiana Brazilor Reserve

Poiana Brazilor nature reserve has a surface of 3,00 ha. The marsh is located in a depression, crater like area, on the superior course of Brazilor Valley. This is the lowest ...


Iezerul Mare Peat Bog

Nature monument, Iezerul Mare Peat Bog is one of the best conserved oligothrophic wetlands of Maramures County and it is located on the Plateau of Ignis Mountains at an ...



Touristic objectives

7 villages that are very characteristic for the specific Maramureș culture of Gutâi Mountains and Mara River Valley:


Visiting possibilities: "Pious Paraschiva" UNESCO heritage wooden ; The local shop ; The museum complex of traditional houses; The traditional smithy


Ocna Şugatag

Visiting possibilities: Pădurea Crăiască (Crăiască Forest); Gavril; Lake; Tăul Fără Fund (The Lake without Bottom); The salt-water



Visiting possibilities: The wooden church ; Iurca Residence noble house; Traditional architecture



Visiting possibilities: "Pious Paraschiva" UNESCO heritage wooden ; The local shop ; The museum complex of traditional houses; The traditional smithy



Visiting possibilities: Traditional architecture; Peasant technical devices; Trout farm placed on the River Râuşor



Visiting possibilities: Traditional architecture; Craftsman’s and local artisans; The wooden church Saint Archangels Mihail and Gavril



Visiting possibilities: The UNESCO heritage wooden church of Josani; The other church of Susani; Ethnography Center; Traditional architecture




Craftsmen’s  and  artisans:

Craftsmen’s and artisans

from the region bring their contribution in preserving the elements of local identity – sharing the century’s old connection between people and nature.



Dear tourists,

Take this trail and you will discover the archaic life of Maramureş, whilst fully enjoying the majestic beauties of Gutâi Mountains’ landscape.

Relax actively and moreover contribute to nature conservation during your incursions into nature:

–       Use as much as possible traditional means of transport such as: horse drawn carriages or sleighs. For small distances, take the bicycle or simply walk.

–       Respect existing trails, do not deviate from them.

–       Avoid excessive packages and evacuate all rests of your picnic.

–       Use the primus cook instead of lighting the fire.

–       In case  lighting the fire can’t be avoided, use existing fireplaces (where the case) and only use fallen branches – where area management permits.

–       Before leaving, properly extinguish fire by using water or soil.

–       Respect wildlife: walk quietly, enjoying the sounds of nature but avoiding direct intersection (e.g. nesting places, burrows) and do not feed wild animals.

Contribute to development of local communities:

–       Use local guiding services for exploring the major local touristic attractions.

–       Use local services for renting of bicycles, carriages etc.

–       Taste local meals and buy traditional products of the area.

–        Buy locally made souvenirs made.

Local services for non-motorized transport
Bicycle Renting:

Irina Guesthouse
Desești, Main Principală, no. 259
Tel: +40 262 372 603;
+40 747 073 935

Popasul din Deal Guesthouse Ocna Șugatag
Unirii street, no. 1 D
Tel. +40262 374 133
+40 723 472 647

Mărioara Guesthouse
Breb, no. 346
Tel. +40 262 374 593
+40 744 145 349

Initiator of the Greenway movement in România:  Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation