Visiting possibilities:

  1. The UNESCO heritage wooden church of Josani, dedicated to Saint Nicholas. The church was built in 1643 and painted in the interior in bright, warm colors by Alexandru Ponehalschi around 1762. The church is also known for its collection of 17th century icons painted on glass and wood.  Inside the church, the chain mail shirt and armor helmet of Pintea the Brave, a local „Robin Hood”, can be viewed. Tradition says that he brought these pieces here himself.
  2. The other church of Susani, was built in 1760. Be sure to take a close look at the scenes from the Life and Passion of Christ and the panoramic depiction of Paradise, swarming with sundry animals, a quaintly blending the real and imaginary.
  3. Ethnography Center achieved in the local school.
  4. Traditional architecture: wooden houses and gates, peasant technical devices – whirlpool, water-mill and local brandy distillery.