About Us

We provide high quality interpretation and guidance, specialized in the elements and symbols and features of traditional architecture, local legends as well as, protected rare species and natural environment in protected areas, the most spectacular mountain routes, the best locations for nature photography.

We offer full support, planned to the smallest details: transportation, interpretation, equipment (binoculars, bicycles), photo shoots – that make the difference between an ordinary and a memorable holiday.

We offer exclusive holidays with unique experiences perfectly adapted to the relaxation needs of modern man: visiting program is generous, allowing one for a return to direct contact with the very well preserved Dacian culture and fusion with nature.

Choose our products knowing that


You’ll invest in nature

Buying our trips – you contribute to biodiversity conservation ,  10% of the price paid is invested in nature conservation in Maramureș.

You’ll support rural regions

We use local services in our packages – facilitating a sustainable development of communities around protected areas, built on local values.