Guided tours in protected areas



Price: from 32 EURO / day / person (depending on group size)

Package includes: visits at two protected areas, guide, transport to the vicinity of protected areas, picnic food packages, images / videos of the trip on DVD.

We offer discounts of 20% for children up to 12 years

Package does not include: visitation fee (where charged), the rental fee for bicycles, drinks and other personal costs

Discover the protected areas on Mount Gutai – plateaus of lava, volcanic cones, rocky slopes with bizarre shapes that reveal a world apart, mysterious and different from other mountains, which offers a lot of opportunities for photography and wildlife observation. Observe birds of prey flying over the mosaic landscape and discover the carnivorous plants from the peat bogs in the highlands.

You can choose your tour:

Option 1:

  • Rooster Crest Nature Reserve – one of the most spectacular andesitic formations which part of a volcanic crater that erupted nine million years ago, declared natural monument.
  • Morărenilor Lake: peat bog in its incipient formation stage, it is a rare habitat in România, conserved in natural conditions.

Option 2:

  • Tătarului Gorge Nature Reserve – carved in the andesitic volcanic rocks by the swift waters of Brazilor Creek, has a unique genesis in România. the vertical walls being embraced by an primeval spruce forest.
  • Izerul Mare Nature Reserve: It is one of the best preserved wetlands in the country of Maramureș, situated at an altitude of 1014 m.


  • ½ day tours from 25 EURO
  • Cycling in nature – enjoy on bikes the natural mountain trails and worry not about their transport. The agency facilitates the transport of bicycles or recovery. Price: 8 EURO / day added to the price of tour
  • Observation equipment: binoculars, telescope. Price: 4 EURO / day

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