Wonders of nature in Maramureș



5 days, 4 nights with accommodation

Price:   280 EURO / trip  /person in Ocna Șugatag, in the heart of historical Maramureș

The package includes:
-4 nights with accommodation at a 3 star guesthouse with local specific
-half board – breakfast and dinner (the wine is included)
-3 guided trips at the protected areas from the Gutai Mountains which last a day each
-cheese tasting at the sheepfold
-wildlife observation equipment – binoculars
-transportation and specialized guide granted during trips

The package does not include:
-transportation to the destination
-personal expenses
We invite you in the Gutâi Mountains of Maramureș – a special and enigmatic place, different from those of other mountains, with plateaus of lava, volcanic cones, steep rocky walls with bizarre shapes which offer a lot of opportunities of wildlife observation and nature photography, tracking tours or the adventure of climbing the rocky walls.

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The program includes 3 thematic day tours in the protected areas from the Gutai Mountain, granting a memorable holyday:
1. The Rooster’s Crest and Chendroaiei Lakes. We will travel by car until we reach the altitude of 1000 m at the Gutâi Pass, then continue our journey by walking along the marked path which leads to the Rooster’s Crest, one of the most spectacular protected area from the region. The magnificent andesitic formations, declared natural monument in our time, are part of a volcanic crater that erupted nine million years ago. The summit area is a perfect sightseeing point for the historical Maramureș from where you can watch the birds of prey flying above the meadows and beech forests in the deep valleys. From here we will descend to the Chendroaiei Lakes – priority conservation area situated at 1043 meters altitude, hosting carnivorous plants, relict species form the glacial era.

2.The Morărenilor Lake. A day tour for photographing the rural life integrated in nature – we will start our track from our lodging following the marked paths from the back side of the Gutâi Mountain. We will hike the narrow streets from Breb village, enjoying the archaic atmosphere of the households with beautiful orchards and carefully worked gardens. Leaving the village behind we’ll cross the perfumed sunny hayfields intercalated by clusters of hazel and alder trees, ascending to the higher wooded area which offers shelter to the abundant wildlife that resides here. At an altitude of 882 meters, hidden after a hill, the Morărenilor Lake awaits us, a lake at its early stage of development to mire. This is a rare habitat in Romania, conserved in natural conditions which shelters plants characteristic for wet areas.

3. Tătarului Gorges and Poiana Brazilor. The first part of the trip will be done by car, passing through the villages along the Mara river valley, climbing to its catchment area. Our first stop will be at the Tătarului Gorges Nature Reserve, which has a unique genesis in the whole country being shaped by the swift waters of the Brazilor River which crumble upon the andesitic volcanic stones. The spruce forest on the steep rocks hides a very rare species of luminescence moose Schistostega pennata. Because of the insufficient light the steep rocky walls are tapestries of green – yellow colour lichens, being the perfect nesting place for the rock thrush and kestrels, vulnerable bird species found in few places in Romania. Reaching the Igniș plateau we will continue our journey by foot with a brake at the sheepfold as our halting place. With renewed power after the cheese tasting we will leave to Poiana Brazilor following the easy path which crosses the sunny mountain meadows and shaded forest strips above 1000 m altitude. Declared Nature Monument, Poiana Brazior is a forested swamp situated in the upper catchments of Brazilor River. Here is the lowest altitude in Romania (970 m) where the juniper tree is present and this area is interpreted as a relict placement.

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